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About Us


Based on educational enterprises EBIA (Eden Blaze International Academy)
A group of educational experts gathered to think about what the true educational program was.
As a result, EBIA established three educational programs.
Starting with Apgujeong, Songdo headquarters will offer more students true educational value.


Educational Programs

재미있는 스터디 그룹


(Sullivan + College)

Academic Course

(English + Math)



Academic Course :

Based on the English and Math classes devised by the head of each subject education expert, We offer qualified classes up to senior for international school students.

Consulting Program :

Sullivan Program which takes care of student learning management and portfolio design management.
College program that comprehensively takes care of the entire college entrance examination solution, essay, and application process.
We provide these two consulting programs that contains students' unique personalities.

Educational Software :

By developing high-quality educational software program,
We provide optimal educational solutions.

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